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Please use the link on the left-hand side to submit your abstracts online for the 7th National Sterilization and Disinfection Congressorganized by the Society of Disinfection Antisepsis and Sterilization.


Invitation to the Congress

Distinguished DAS volunteers,

Medicine is developing in a fast manner in its every domain as well as in DAS. New illnesses and pathogens that shook the wholeworld have been defined since the last DAS conference. Even we, the employees of health sector, have panicked in the face of these pathogens from time to time. We have tried to cope with them under the light of science; or gropingly; or have seen others do so. Certain resilient microorganisms became ordinary in our hospitals due to insufficient precautions, and our hands were tied by limited treatment options. Moreover, some hygiene and DAS practices, which were never talked of before, became part of our daily lives. The number of complex medical devices that we have to use repeatedly hasgrown in day by day. On the other hand, certain new DAS practices that are more practical, faster and more secure came into use.   

I know that you are all looking forward to the seventh DisinfectionAntisepsis and SterilizationConference where we will be discussing our problems and seeking solutions to them.  These problems concern not only one specialty or specific health service, but all health sector employees. The interest in DAS conferences all around our country is a clear sign. We imagined this conference as a scientific spread and tried to organize it in such a manner. A scientific spread where expert scientists and employees from Turkey and abroad will share their experiences and where we will discuss our problems in detail; seek solutions in the light of current science; and put them across authorities. As with previous DAS conferences,we will come together with executives (health sector employees from every branch and level), regulators and supervisors (representatives of the health authority) and suppliers (medical sector); and we will try to produce solutions for the benefit of our country. Also, we will have the chance to closely inspect DAS products which, due to their sizes, we can’t always see and so try to understand from catalogues; and will try to remove any question marks in our minds concerning them.

Regardless of which health domain you come from, you will find a topic that interests you in this congress. Let’s discuss our problems and create solutions together.

Kind Regards

On behalf of the organizing committee,

President of the congress,
Prof. Dr. Şaban ESEN