Dear Sir, Madam,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 9th DAS congress. Since again, we have in November, after the very successful 2013 World Congress of Antalya, another not to be missed appointment with history. This, not only because our society, right now, shakes to its social, ideological and religious foundations and thus will have to take important choices but also because the aftershocks of the economic crisis are still being felt today. To accommodate the latter change and innovation are universally prescribed by the authorities as recipe. This focus also perfectly fits into the ambitious Turkey 2023 project which aims to create a modern country.

Because hospitals and thus also sterilization departments are not lined up outside the chalk lines but because they are an important and integral part of society, they should make use of this unique momentum and resolutely take, through innovation and change, the path to the future. However, this cannot be innovation for innovation’s sake, or change for change’s sake. Innovation has to be based on scientific research, change should be evidence based. The end result has to be functional.

To support this strategy, we have put together a program that endorses some fundamental principles of sterilization and that opens up new perspectives and novel fields of activity for sterilization departments. Furthermore, ways of enhancing the integration of the CSSD in the care system of the hospital will be put forward.
We trust that the congress program we propose is of particular interest to you and also that it will contribute to the real change that “sterilization” definitely needs.

I look forward to welcoming you in Antalya.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr. Duygu Perçin
Congress President


Week Day Hour Minute

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