Congress Invitation

Dear DAS volunteers,

On the path that extends from being a volunteer to professionalism, it is a great pleasure and honor to invite you to join the 11th International DAS Congress in Antalya, Turkey on November 27 - December 01 2019.
When we look at the past years, we were dealing with much simplier facts and problems in medicine. Today we face more complex problems and they are becoming more complex every day with the development of technology and advances in health. While especially global warming and resistant microorganisms are escalating the threats for health nowadays, we as DAS volunteers need to work hand in hand for more effective, more standardized and non-destructive disinfection, sterilization and antisepsis methods.
The Hippocrat, the pioneer of modern medicine who lived in our region approximately 2500 years ago, said that giving health to people is an artwork and that the first principle should be “Primum non nocere” (first, to do no harm). We continue this philosophy with standard and rational approaches. Central sterilization units, central disinfection units and infection control committees have become one of the determining factors of quality in health care facilities. In order to achieve our goal of zero harm to patients, our applications need to be perfected and information should be shared in order for using technological developments in favor of patients.
At the International DAS congress, which will organize the eleventh this year; in addition to basic education subjects, many new and innovatory approaches will be talked about and discussed. World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences (WFHSS), Azerbaijan DAS Association (AZDAS) and international participants will make a significant contribution and provide high-level value to the congress. Congress will be an important cornerstone on behalf of the sciences of sterilization and disinfection and will be a good opportunity to answer your questions.
Hope to open our horizon, we offer our affection and respect.

Prof. Gülden ERSÖZ, MD
Congress President

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