Invitation to Congress

Dear DAS volunteers and industry representatives,

We are happy to invite you to the DAS congress, which will be held in Antalya on December 9-12, 2021, with the belief that we will leave behind the pandemic of the century that has turned our world into a nightmare and negatively affected our social communication since December 2019. In this period that we questioned what we know and struggled with our misconceptions, we once again experienced the importance of practicing disinfection and sterilization in the right way.

In our scientific program; we will discuss the basic principles and innovations in the field of sterilization and disinfection, as well as the accreditation processes, the SKS standards, the DAS practice in case of emergency and disaster, with our precious participants. In addition, as we get to know the virus that draws borders and distances between us, we will question our attitudes and behaviors in our daily life and in hospitals, and explore ways to reach healthier and better DAS practice in a cost-effective way.

Taking all the conditions into account, we are making the preparations for holding the event either "online", "face-to-face" or "hybrid" since it is not possible to know at what point we will be in the fight against the pandemic on the date of our congress.

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude in advance to all our colleagues, shareholders and industry representatives who will participate, and we are happy to invite you to our congress where we hope that "the virus will not register."

Prof Dr.Dilek Yeşim Metin
President of the Congress



Deadline for Early Registration & Accommodation:

30 October 2021

Deadline for submission of all abstracts:

30 October 2021

Deadline for cancellation:

30 October 2021



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