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The papers will be delivered verbally or with posters in the 13th INTERNATIONAL DAS Congress. The abstracts must be prepared in Turkish or English. The papers can be presented in Turkish or English.
When submitting the paper, the authors’ preferred method of presentation (oral or poster) and the sub-field of the study needs to be specified. The Scientific Committee has the right to accept or decline the presentation depending on the content of the study and number of applications; or in case it is accepted, to change the form and sub-field of the presentation. All accepted papers will be presented in the form of posters, except for those selected as oral presentations by the Scientific Committee.

- Abstracts can be submitted only via the Online Abstract Submission System on the congress website.
- The papers submitted via fax, electronic or regular mail or delivered by hand will not be accepted.
- The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 30, 2023. While submitting the abstracts, the method of delivery preferred by the authors (oral or e-poster) and the sub-field of the study should be specified.
- The conditions required for the abstracts to be accepted as presentations are specified as below:
- The abstract should not exceed 400 words. (Abstracts will be admitted for being sent and printed in full text in the congress book after their approval by the evaluation board. After the assessments, details about full text submission rules will be sent to the authors along with the letter of acceptance.)
- The title of the paper should consist of a maximum of 10 words and should fully reflect the content of the study.
- The full name and title of the presentation authors, as well as the institutions and city where they work, should be clearly specified together with the title.
- Among the researchers who have prepared the studies, the researcher who will make the presentation should be specified.
- The studies to be evaluated for the paper award MUST BE SPECIFIED.
- Studies that received any project support or another research support should be specified.
- Papers that are still in progress and whose results have not yet been received, and studies that do not include the above sections will DEFINITELY NOT be taken into consideration.
- The abstracts should include the following sections as standard:
- Aim
- Materials and Methods
-Findings (numerical and/or statistical data)
- Result(s)
-One table, graphic or picture can be added to the paper.
-While submitting the abstract, it should be stated which of the following sub-topics the study belongs to.

Operating room
Employee Safety
Accepted papers cannot be withdrawn after the acceptance letter is sent. Posters that are accepted for presentation but not/cannot be presented will be announced on the congress and association websites at the end of the congress, under the title “PRESENTATIONS NOT DELIVERED”.


- The submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the "Abstract Evaluation Committee" and it will be decided whether they are accepted for presentation and the author who would present the paper in accordance with the order of application will be notified at least 45 days before the congress starts.
- The “Abstract Evaluation Committee” evaluates the abstracts sent to the congress. Paper Evaluation Committee consists of the congress scientific committee, the speaker, session chairmen and referees selected by the Board of Directors from among experts in their fields.
- The Paper Evaluation Committee has the right to accept or decline the presentation depending on the content of the study and number of applications; or in case it is accepted, to change the form and sub-field of the presentation.
- The referees will evaluate the papers submitted to the congress and the papers with the best scores will be accepted as oral papers. These scores will be used in identifying the award winners as well.
-For the accepted papers after the evaluation, an "acceptance letter" will be sent via e-mail to the author who will present the paper, stating the acceptance of the paper and the presentation style (oral or poster).
- The author or the first author, who will present the submitted paper, if it is accepted, must register for the congress before October 15, 2023.


- Congress participants who will make oral presentations at the congress must deliver their presentations to the presentation control room at least one day before the presentation days specified in the program.
- Presentations must be prepared with Microsoft Office software.
- All kinds of technical equipment (slides, projector, computer, video, etc.) will be available in the meeting rooms.
- The time set for oral presentations is 5 minutes in total for presentation and discussion. This period should never be exceeded. Visual (picture or video) and audio material can be used while making oral presentations.
- Posters accepted as papers at the congress will be presented as e-posters on LCD screens in the e-poster area reserved in the congress center, not in print. Detailed information about the e-poster preparation process will be given to the accepted paper holders.

The Scientific Committee will evaluate all submitted papers and it decide whether they are accepted for presentation or not. "Letter of acceptance" will be sent to the first author of the papers accepted for presentation or award application, indicating that his/her paper has been accepted and the form of presentation (oral or poster) in October.

• “Paper Award” will be given to 3 oral presentations or posters to be selected as “original research” by the “Award Jury” among the presentations delivered in the congress.
• Candidates must absolutely specify their candidacy for the award while submitting their papers electronically. In addition, candidates are responsible for clarifying the following issues while submitting their papers in all paper award applications.
• As for the studies on humans, it should be stated that ethical standards are respected according to the most recently updated Declaration of Helsinki, and studies have been approved by the ethics committee, and informed consent has been obtained from the patients.
• It should be stated that the studies conducted on experimental animals are carried out in accordance with national or international ethical standards and the approval of the Experimental Animals Ethics Committee has been obtained.
• It should be stated that there is no conflict of interest between the authors.
• Any support received during the studies, if any, should be written.
• The following studies cannot be nominated for the award:
• Studies published in a national or international journal before the calendar year in which the congress is held
• Studies previously awarded in another presentation (congress or symposium).

• “Award Jury” determines the papers that qualify for the award. Award Jury (Jury members are determined by the Board of Directors of the DAS Association) Jury members are responsible for evaluating and deciding on all of the paper awards.
• All abstracts that applied for the award and have been accepted for presentation at the congress, and evaluated by the “The Papers Evaluation Committee” and received an average of 7 points out of 10, will be delivered to the jury members 15 days before the congress date at the latest. After the preliminary evaluation of the abstracts, each member will evaluate the presentation (e-poster or oral) at the congress and grade each study. Jury members will convene on the date and time determined by the secretary of the jury (on the day of the congress gala at the latest) to discuss the award nominees and determine the papers that deserve the award.
• The jury secretary communicates the result of this assessment to the congress secretary. Winners will be announced and awarded during the congress closing session.
• Jury members cannot evaluate the studies in which they are involved, as author or that have been made in their own departments.


Deadline for Early Registration & Accommodation:

01 October 2023

Deadline for submission of all abstracts:

01 October 2023

Deadline for cancellation:

15 September 2023





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