Invitation to Congress

Dear DAS volunteers and industry representatives,

The 13th Sterilization and Disinfection Congress, which will be held on 23 - 26 November 2023, will be held in MARMARİS, the beautiful town of Muğla.

13th International Sterilization and Disinfection Congress will be held on 23-26 November 2023. We are excited to add a new one to our congresses that constantly raise the bar of scientific quality from the first congress to the present, appeal to all stakeholders of health care, and always prioritize quality and patient safety. We think that you are looking forward to our congress, where developments and innovations in science and technology will be shared and we aim to have a festive atmosphere like the previous congresses. The safety of patients, healthcare providers, the hygiene and protection of medical equipment and the environment have become more important in today's world, where new epidemics are added to the pandemic-level epidemics in the world and the agenda changes very frequently. Fighting these problems is only possible by complying with internationally accepted standards, guidelines and suggestions presented in the light of science. We observed in the last Covid 19 pandemic that unscientific misapplications threaten human health and can lead to environmental disasters. In this congress, all problems and evidence-based solutions in the field of DAS will be discussed in detail with the participation of valuable scientists and experts from our country and the international community.

Raising awareness of all stakeholders of the health sector will cause the reflection of knowledge and correct practices to all health institutions and society in waves. For this reason, we invite everyone whose path coincides with health services to the congress.

Prof Dr.Şaban Esen
President of the Congress


Deadline for Early Registration & Accommodation:

01 October 2023

Deadline for submission of all abstracts:

15 October 2023

Deadline for cancellation:

15 September 2023



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